Welcome to A New Era of Regenerative Agriculture

Suitable for Conventional, Organic and BIODYNAMIC FARMS IN Accordance with Australian Standards

Every Revolution has its story

Creating World Class Farms from the Ground UP!

For the production of All Crops, Pasture and Livestock.

100% Natural Sea Mineral Solids provide a complete Balance of Minerals and Trace Elements for Soil, Plants and Livestock.

For use in Organic, Biodynamic and Conventional Farming, Dairy, Gardening, Orchards, Vineyards, Hydroponics and Composting. Mineralize Everything you Grow!

With 80+ years of Research and Commercial Application.  The Success and Results speak for them-selves.

Michael B Florida

Improved Resilience to Pests


We have close to a dozen citrus trees that have been attacked by whitefly and leaf miner since they were planted. FROM AS OLD AS 12 YEARS DOWN TO AS YOUNG AS THREE YEARS OLD, NO TREE WAS SPARED UNTIL NOW! We applied SEA-90 around the drip line of each tree this spring and I do not see any fresh infestations, only the damage from last year!

The Most Complete Mineral and Trace Element Products are now Available in Australia and New Zealand.

Improved Yields

Nutrient Rich Produce 

Healthy Animals

Healthy Plants

Healthy Farms

Healthy Revenue


  • Improve Plant Health
  • Improve Disease Resistance
  • Improve Flavour
  • Improve Nutritional Quality
  • Longer Shelf Life

From the Pristine Waters 

of the Pacific Blue..


  • Improved Nutritional Quality
  • Improve Milk Protein Levels
  • Improved Butter Fat Levels
  • Reduce Semonal Cell Count
  • Eliminates issues with non-Protein Nitrates

From the Geothermal


of the Oceans Depths


  • Improved Disease Resistance
  • Earlier Maturity
  • Enhanced Flavour
  • Enhanced Nutritional values
  • Increased Moisture Retention
  • Eliminates Nitrate Toxicity

Where Rivers 

Earth and Ocean Meet


  • Improved Animal Health
  • Enhanced Fertility
  • Faster Healthy Weight Gain
  • Improve Nutritional Quality
  • Improved Farm Profits

All the Elements

from Land and Sea.


  • Improved Disease Resistance
  • Earlier Maturity
  • Enhanced Flavour 
  • Improved Quality of Harvest
  • Increased Moisture Retention

SEA-90 Sea Mineral solids organic soil nutrient complete balance mineral & trace elements.


For large volume orders, commercial farm operators please request a quote.

Suitable for Conventional, Organic and Biodynamic Producers in Accordance with Australian Standards