"Most crops require an average of forty elements from the soil. In no case do fertilizers add more than twelve, and most commercial fertilizers add a maximum of six elements."

 -Dr. Maynard Murray

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“I used these sea solids in experiments to prove that these elements in perfect balance will grow chemically perfect plants. I did not try to synthesize anything, but merely took what nature already offered.

It has been shown by agronomists that soil may contain a large amount of one particular combination of elements that the plants cannot absorb. The presence or absence of a trace element can be the deciding factor in determining whether a necessary element is absorbed into the plant's root system. The balance of elements must be right in the soil for plants to synthesize their complete chemistry.”

Dr. Maynard Murray, Sea Energy Agriculture Creator​

“Insects and disease are the symptoms of a failing crop, not the cause of it.” - Dr. William Albrecht



We compared hay test results from pasture sprayed with SEA-90 vs conventional fertilizer broadcasting and were totally amazed with the outcome. We’ve proven that pasture and hay sprayed with SEA-90 Foliar Spray has better test results than conventionally fertilized (broadcast) pasture (52% increase in relative Feed Value) but we have never compared SEA-90 Foliar test results with test results from pasture and hay where SEA-90 Agricultural Mineral has been broadcast for several years.

Being believers in Regenerative Agriculture soil, crop and livestock remineralization we expected good results, but were amazed with what we found. In the 2019 Pasture Research results below one number jumps off the page – 155% increase in Relative Feed Value!

Keep in mind that our prior test results comparing SEA-90 Foliar Spray vs Conventional broadcast fertilizer showed a 52% increase in RFV! This means that broadcasting SEA-90 Agriculture Mineral vs broadcasting Conventional Fertilizer would yield a 167% increase in Relative Feed Value!

Robert Cain - Research Study - TEXAS

  • Improved Disease Resistance
  • Earlier Maturity
  • Enhanced Flavour
  • Enhanced Nutritional values
  • Increased Moisture Retention
  • Eliminates Nitrate Toxicity
  • Improve Plant Health

Healthy plants require a full spectrum of trace elements.  Conventional fertilizers provide the bare minimum nutrients required for plant growth. This process produces nutrient deficient plants. Natures predators from Big Cats, to Insects target the weaker specimens of the species. We continue to see Healthy Plants  suffering far less damage from pests and illnesses. A healthy crop is far more resilient, producing healthy nutrient rich produce.

Sea energy agriculture-growing foods with sea solids provides a means for improving our chemical intake without sacrificing our eating habits. Our meats, vegetables, fruits and cereals would all be adequately balanced with the essential elements simply by growing all crops with sea solids technology.

Bruce Tainio | Plant Nutrient Interactions | Acres USA 2007 conference:

Usage Instructions

Sodium (Na) is an element essential to all life. SEA-90 provides all essential minerals and trace elements in addition to the sodium. Much of our agricultural soils have significant sodium deficiencies due to the fact that sodium is water soluble and readily leaches from the soil. In addition organic farms are especially deficient having operated for many years without salt based chemical fertilizers. Soil specialists and consultants world-wide are now recommending applications of SEA-90 in small amounts (20-40 kg per acre) to combat sodium deficiencies.

SeaAgri encourages its customers to conduct soil tests to assure the presence of sodium is adequate for good plant growth and development (two to three percent).

Another positive aspect of SEA-90 is that it stimulates micro-organism populations in the soil. SeaAgri found that when SEA-90 is used as recommended, the soil microbes feast on the minerals and trace elements and their populations expand thereby improving the soil’s biology.

For Broadacre applications, we recommend using Granular Broadcasting once per year.

Granular Broadcast Instructions

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