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Foliar Spray

SEA-90 minerals and trace elements can be used alone and/or mixed with most water-soluble fertilizers. It can be added to any foliar spraying program as a mineral and trace element source. SEA-90 is a natural surfactant. By adding it to your foliar spray, it will assist in spreading and absorption of the minerals and trace elements. To increase effectiveness, add fish emulsion as a nitrogen source, humate (per manufacturer recommendations), and one half pound cane sugar per acre. SEA-90 might contain small amounts of sediment. Therefore, prior to adding dissolved SEA-90 to the spray tank, we suggest mixing the desired amount with water to allow sediment to settle and filter if necessary.

Foliar Feed for all Vegetable Crops

  • General:
    Mix 0.5 to 2.25 kg SEA-90 per 40-80 liters water until completely dissolved. Filter if necessary. Avoid over spraying at end of the row as this may cause tip burn!
  • Gardeners:
    Mix one teaspoon SEA-90 per liters and apply until runoff every 7-14 days.
  • Farmers:
    Apply 1 kg dissolved in 80 liters of water per acre every 7 days; 9 kg per acre per season.
  • Row Crops:
    1.5 kg per Acre. 6 times during the growing season. Apply every 14 days. 10 kg total per year.
  • Liquid Row Support:
    2.5 kg per acre. Add to the current mix at the time of planting.
  • Continuous Pasture Grasses, Hay, Alfalfa, Etc.
    Apply 2.25 kg dissolved in 80 liters of water per acre at the greening-up stage and after each cutting or rotation of cattle; 9 kg per season.
  • Small Fruits & Trees Fruits:
    1 kg per Acre. 8 times during the growing season. 8 kg per acre per year

Additional Instructions

For Foliar Spray applications, we recommend using the following methods combined.

  1. Foliar Spray pre-harvest
  2. Granular Broadcast pre-planting OR Drip Irrigation
Granular Broadcast
Drip Irrigation