"Nutrient Density and Nutrient Value Farming is the key to profitable farms."

 -Bruce Tainio "Plant Nutrient Interactions" Acres USA 2007 Conference

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“Over a period of 20 years, Dr. Murray tested sea minerals on various crops in seven US states and different climates. Corn, wheat, oats, barley, hay, fruit trees, vegetable crops and other plants were raised on various seawater blends. Fields were planted with an experimental plot using sea minerals next to a control plot using the best commercial method. Sea mineral crops grew faster, healthier and produced far greater growth. Resulting color, disease resistance, taste and yield were outstanding.”

Dr. Maynard Murray, Sea Energy Agriculture Creator​


Beyond my expectations!

I’ve been a professional gardener for 43 years, used tons of products. None of them do what SEA-90 does in less time with less expense and toxicity.

Bill B Country Estate Landscaping

Double the Yeild!

I used SEA-90 in my small hydro system with surprising results. We harvested more than 500 cherry tomatoes (for the season) off a cutting taken from a fully grown plant that only produced about 250 cherry tomatoes without SEA-90.

Curt A Ashford, AL

A Great Return

In addition to my normal fertilizer I sprayed my hay pastures with 2 kg SEA-90. I feel like it was well worth it and gave me a great return. On my first cutting I cut 5 round bales to the acre. My volume continued to be very good for my other two cuttings.

I also sprayed my blueberry bushes and my yard. My blueberry bushes produced more berries than ever before and I got several comments on how good my yard looked and that has never happened before. I will be using SEA-90 again this year.

Jeff M Ashburn, GA

Eight feet tall and has as many as five ears

I use SEA-90 to grow corn. The corn has grown to eight feet tall and has as many as five ears whereas normally without SEA-90 I only produce an average of three ears per talk.

For the past three years I foliar applied approximately 4kg SEA-90 per acre on 12 acres of grasses. As an experiment, I quit applying at a certain point on my field. The SEA-90 treated pasture grew grasses 4-6” taller. The local ag extension agent did not believe me until I took him to the field and he visibly saw the difference from a distance of 300 yards.

David R. Alma, AR

Very Impressive

Amazing Sea-90. Now I can use LESS Fertilizer!!! Wow.. 24 Hours, and the plants actually changed color to darker green, stood taller, and have an overall “Tougher” appearance. Very Impressive.

Brian K

The Best Tomato Plants

I have to be honest these tomato plants are the best I’ve ever seen growing in Wondersoil with Dakota and SEA-90 trace mineral’s.

John B. Jr. Grow to Health

Spectacular Tasting

Last year I used SEA-90 on my cherry tomatoes for the first time…last year was rough for tomatoes due to a lack of necessary degree days. My tomato plants were the largest and most productive plants I have ever grown. The plants’ volume was roughly 4’W x 4’L x 3’H. Planted starts in mid-May and was eating tomatoes from late July until early September. I would get a minimum of 11-13 tomatoes per bunch from one plant with one to five bunches per day. The year prior to using SEA-90, I was lucky to get more than 5 ripe cherry tomatoes in any given day on any given plant. Last year, with the help of SEA-90, I could not eat all the tomatoes from a single plant and gave away thousands of cherry tomatoes. To top it all off, they were the most spectacular tasting tomatoes I have ever had.

Dan J Corvallis, OR

Customer for Life

I am so grateful for my Sea 90! I have been using it as a foliar spray and adding it as you suggested to my main nutrients. 2 of 4 of my late teen mother plants that I raised from cuttings we’re getting yellow leaves and looking rather sad. Amazingly a high percentage of the yellowing leaves are turning green again. I used 1 teaspoon magnesium/ Epsom salts plus a half teaspoon of the sea 90 per 1 gallon of RO water. I believe the sea-90 is the secret ingredient! This morning I decided to be bold and used a full teaspoon of see 90 for one gallon of RO water plus the one teaspoon of magnesium. Approximately one hour later I could see a noticeable increase of branch/ leaf Vibrance.

It’s so impressive how potent it is. I mixed a 30 gallon batch in my NFT reservoir with Emerald Harvest nutrients as directed yielding a PPM Of 770. Then I added approximately half the recommended amount of see 90 and my PPM shot up to approximately 1500! And the transplants are thriving beautifully.

Anyhow, I just wanted to thank you once again for your kind responses and to give you my good news. I am a customer for life.

John J


I have been using Sea-90 since 2013 and I have nothing but the best to say about this product. Tomatoes have more flavor and the greens look beautiful.

John B Great Falls, MT

Exceeded My Expectations

I have been using Sea90 for several years now.

My watermelons are fantastic, very big and very flavorful.

That was the main reason I started using it, for the flavor and nutrition. That has exceeded my expectations.

I started giving some to my chickens and my hatch rate went from around 50% to probably 95% or better.

Rick S Junction City, OR

"When we provide our plants with a full spectrum of elements they will selectively take exactly what they need for their optimum health." Dr. Maynard Murray

Healthy plants require a full spectrum of trace elements.  Conventional fertilizers provide the bare minimum nutrients required for plant growth. This process produces nutrient deficient plants. Natures predators from Big Cats, to Insects target the weaker specimens of the species. We continue to see Healthy Plants  suffering far less damage from pests and illnesses. A healthy crop is far more resilient, producing healthy nutrient rich produce.

Flourishing Pest Free Food Garden using Sea Mineral Nutrition

Bruce Tainio | Plant Nutrient Interactions | Acres USA 2007 conference:


Remineralize your soil with SEA-90 Mineral Ag & Spice up your meals with BAJA Gold Fine Sea Salt. A Super Combo!

This sample package includes

500g All-Natural Organic Unrefined Baja Sea Salt for the Table

Use in Gardening, Farming, Hydroponics, Compost, Compost Tea and all instances where plants, trees or grasses are grown.

Created naturally from solar dehydrated ocean water known to contain more than 90 minerals & trace elements and more than 50,000 organic compounds. SEA – 90 agricultural mineral sea solids re-mineralizes soil and improves microbial activity.

Application and Usage Instructions
Direct Broadcast onto Soil : 5g-15g per Sqm of Soil applied yearly
Foliar Spray : 20grams per litre of water
Drip Irrigation, Hydroponics and Compost Tea Brew : 1.2g per litre water

Usage Instructions

For Best Horticulture results we recommend a Granular Broadcast direct to soil.

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