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     Animal Instinct Knows Best!     

“To prove further that animal instinct knows best, we treated a section of clover field covering about 100 square feet with sea solids. When the clover grew to about six inches, sheep were let out to graze. They walked and grazed until they came to the treated spot, then ate until the clover within the treated area was nubbed to the ground”

Dr. Maynard Murray, Sea Energy Agriculture Creator​


Our most amazing results

I applied SEA-90 Foliar three times last year to our pastures and offered SEA-90 Essential Elements as a free choice mineral to our cows early spring 2015. My pastures have never produced more grass and our cattle have never looked healthier. The cows slicked up beautifully after four weeks and looked great when breeding season began. This is where I saw our most amazing results. We had only one cow out of 150 that didn’t get pregnant including all my open cows from the previous year. The females’ heat cycle was so strong that our bulls nearly wore themselves out. We had five-month old heifers cycle. This is something we never saw in the past. We had to physically separate from our bulls so they would not get pregnant or injured. SEA-90 appears to have a very positive influence on grass production, cow health and reproduction. We are extremely pleased with SEA-90 and highly recommend it for all cattle and livestock.

Kurt B Long Prairie, MN

An Astounding Difference

During 2012, our hay was analyzed by OK State University and were very unhappy with the results. We learned about SEA-90 in 2013 and applied 2kgs SEA-90 Foliar to our hay crop for the first time. Our hay was once again analyzed. There was an astounding difference between 2012 and 2013. SEA-90 increased crude protein (CP) from 7.5% to 13.6%, total digestible nutrients (TDN) from 55% to 58%, and relative feed value (RDF) increased from 58 to 88. The acid detergent fiber (ADF) decreased from 32% to 29% (poor quality forage has higher ADF percent values). We plan to spray our hay during the spring and after each cutting in 2014 and 2015 and hope to improve the quality even more. We are sold on SEA-90!

P & B Ingram Jay, OK

Eat the Grass, Not the Fence!

I sprayed SEA-90 on my pastures for my sheep. I was very pleased. The pastures had not been fertilized in 3 years and I used no other fertilizer along with the SEA-90. The grass was very good and green. My sheep were very satisfied and performed well. They did not gnaw on trees and wooden fence post as they will do when they have a mineral deficiency. I will definitely be using SEA-90 this year and into the future.

Cherie L. Live Oak, FL

Improvements All Round!

We offered SEA-90 Essential Elements free choice to our bison herd beginning in 2016 with the following results. Calving rate increased from 82% to 96%; the weaning rate increased from 65% to 81%; hanging weight increased approximately 30 pounds per carcass even though the bison were harvested one month earlier due to diminished pastures for lack of rain.

Karen B. Broken Arrow, NE

Looking Good!

Using SEA-90 Essential Mineral, our Black and White Carriage Horses kept beautiful black color all year around. In the past, the black faded in the summer.

Ron O. Princeton, MO

Health Improvements!

During 2014, my customer offered SEA-90 Essential Elements free choice to his 120 Purebred Herford cattle herd for the first time. By summer, the following improvements in herd health were observed:

  • No pinkeye or hoof rot.
  • Conception rate improved from 93 to 97 percent (four percent increase).
  • During a 42-day breeding window, one yearling bull serviced 20 cows and a mature bull serviced 40 cows.

We are sold on SEA-90 Essential Elements and plan to continue offering it to all our cattle.

H. D. SeaAgri Dealer, Canada

We cannot impose our wills on nature unless we first ascertain what her will is. Working without regard to law brings nothing but failure; working with law enables us to do what seemed at first impossible."

--Ralph Tyler Flewelling

SEA-90! Keeping a Healthy Heard through Severe Drought Conditions.

At "No More Mondays Farm" in Fort Valley, Alabama, we’ve been offering SEA-90 Essential Elements free choice and spraying a mixture SEA-90 Fertilizer and Coral Calicum on our pastures for 3 years with great success. Our rams, ewes and lambs stayed super healthy through this past summers drought which was the worst ever recorded in Alabama. We harvested lambs in November 2016 and the meat was very sweet. The butcher remarked that the lambs liver condition was the best he’d ever seen.  We’re sold on SEA-90”



We compared hay test results from pasture sprayed with SEA-90 vs conventional fertilizer broadcasting and were totally amazed with the outcome. We’ve proven that pasture and hay sprayed with SEA-90 Foliar Spray has better test results than conventionally fertilized (broadcast) pasture (52% increase in relative Feed Value) but we have never compared SEA-90 Foliar test results with test results from pasture and hay where SEA-90 Agricultural Mineral has been broadcast for several years.

Being believers in Regenerative Agriculture soil, crop and livestock remineralization we expected good results, but were amazed with what we found. In the 2019 Pasture Research results below one number jumps off the page – 155% increase in Relative Feed Value!

Keep in mind that our prior test results comparing SEA-90 Foliar Spray vs Conventional broadcast fertilizer showed a 52% increase in RFV! This means that broadcasting SEA-90 Agriculture Mineral vs broadcasting Conventional Fertilizer would yield a 167% increase in Relative Feed Value!

Robert Cain - Research Study - TEXAS

Field Trials Excerpt - Dr. Maynard Murray, Sea Energy Agriculture

In one of our trials we used 306 freshly hatched chicks and designated 153 control and 153 experimental. The experimental group was fed a commercial concentrate and oats along with corn and soybeans grown on sea solids-treated soil. Control chicks were fed the same diet with the exception that all feed was grown on nontreated soil. At the end of six months, the experimental roosters weighed a full 1.5 pounds more than controls. Experimental hens laid eggs for the first time one month earlier than controls, and exhibited a phenomenon amazing to anyone familiar with laying hens-not a single experimental hen laid a pullet size or small egg! All the experimental eggs were of firm shell and large size. During one complete year of careful observation, experimental chickens exhibited perfect health, free from disease, and remained calm when approached by men. The controls were nervous when approached by the flock tender, exhibited disease such as slipped tendons and worms; and several died of unknown causes. None of the experimental chickens died.

Usage Instructions

For livestock application we recommend using a combination of the following methods.

  1. Livestock Direct Feed
  2. Broad Acre Application for Farm Grown Livestock Feed

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