"Nutrient Density and Nutrient Value Farming is the key to profitable farms."

 -Bruce Tainio "Plant Nutrient Interactions" Acres USA 2007 Conference

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“Growing foods with sea minerals provides a means for improving our chemical intake without sacrificing our eating habits. Our meats, vegetables, fruits and cereals would all be adequately balanced with the essential elements simply by growing all crops with sea mineral technology.”

Dr. Maynard Murray, Sea Energy Agriculture Creator​


I’ve never tasted blueberries this good!

Jon’s wife made this comment after tasting blueberries at Bob and Diane’s blueberry farm in Oregon. Bob W has been using SEA-90 in his fertility program for 5 years and has increased the brix levels from 15 to 25 during that time period.

Jon F International Ag Labs

Last Key Lime Grove Standing

From what I understand we have the only key lime grove left in South Dade Co., FL., about 50 trees. Hurricane Andrew and over-zealous citrus canker inspectors wiped out the rest. The talk is that all citrus in FL will be wiped out by a new pest from Asia, citrus greening. I don’t accept that. I’ve seen our limes respond like magic to the SEA-90 sea solids. And I’d like to prove that FL citrus can be saved by thinking outside the conventional agricultural box.

Katherine F Homestead, FL

Improved Resilience to Pests

We have close to a dozen citrus trees that have been attacked by whitefly and leaf miner since they were planted. FROM AS OLD AS 12 YEARS DOWN TO AS YOUNG AS THREE YEARS OLD, NO TREE WAS SPARED UNTIL NOW! We applied SEA-90 around the drip line of each tree this spring and I do not see any fresh infestations, only the damage from last year!

Michael B Florida

Blueberry Blossoming

We have 9000 blueberry bushes and last year in the Spring I applied 120 lbs per acre at bud break. We had a good rain right after this application and when the leaves came out, they shined like mirrors. This year Spring came extra early and I didn’t have a change to apply the SEA-90 before bud break and flowering. We had an early frost which killed all the blossoms. I then applied SEA-90 again at 120 lbs per acre and received a good rain shortly thereafter. The leaves again became mirror-like and I was amazed to see the plants blossom again about 14 days later. I’m the only blueberry farmer in Iowa that will have blueberries for market this year.

Kent F Perry, Iowa

Perfect Loads of Walnuts

I grow organic walnuts in CA. I read the articles about Mr. Cain’s SEA-90 in ACRES USA and called him 15 years ago. After some discussion we decided that the best way to incorporate SEA-90 into my fertility program was by adding it to the compost we spread annually on our acreage. This served two functions: first by spreading it with the compost it saved me significant time and fuel by making just one trip with the spreader over our entire farm; second, the SEA-90 feeds the microorganisms in the compost doubling their populations and is broken down and immediately available to the trees. Mr. Cain delivered truckloads of SEA-90 to my compost supplier, Grover Soil Solutions, and they added it directly to the wind rows they created for my farm. We have done this four consecutive years and achieved what Dr. Murray considered complete re-mineralization. The results are outstanding. Insect damage is significantly diminished and we have actually achieved what is called perfect loads! Our walnuts are wonderful tasting and nutrient dense. We also have peach trees and between the compost and foliar sprays we have virtually eliminated peach leaf curl! Our production has increased and so has the price we receive for our produce.”

Gerald F Gridley, CA

GRAPES …..second year results….this year there are clusters and not the five or six small grapes scattered up and down the vine. The first of this summer was very dry and my grapes do not have any drip irrigation system. We have done very well considering the kind of year we had. If someone was to ask me why I use the SEA-90, I would have to say for the acceleration of the root growth, because what is going on underneath, you will see on top.

Alan H Talladega, AL

"When we provide our plants with a full spectrum of elements they will selectively take exactly what they need for their optimum health." Dr. Maynard Murray

Healthy plants require a full spectrum of trace elements.  Conventional fertilizers provide the bare minimum nutrients required for plant growth. This process produces nutrient deficient plants. Natures predators from Big Cats, to Insects target the weaker specimens of the species. We continue to see Healthy Plants  suffering far less damage from pests and illnesses. A healthy crop is far more resilient, producing healthy nutrient rich produce.

The Role of Micronutrients and Trace Elements in Crop Health and Disease Resistance

Bruce Tainio | Plant Nutrient Interactions | Acres USA 2007 conference:


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