"Nutrient Density and Nutrient Value Farming is the key to profitable farms."

 -Bruce Tainio "Plant Nutrient Interactions" Acres USA 2007 Conference

The Most Complete Mineral and Trace Element Products are now Available in Australia and New Zealand

     mineralize everything you grow!     

“Growing foods with sea minerals provides a means for improving our chemical intake without sacrificing our eating habits. Our meats, vegetables, fruits and cereals would all be adequately balanced with the essential elements simply by growing all crops with sea mineral technology.”

Dr. Maynard Murray, Sea Energy Agriculture Creator​

"When we provide our plants with a full spectrum of elements they will selectively take exactly what they need for their optimum health." Dr. Maynard Murray

Healthy plants require a full spectrum of trace elements.  Conventional fertilizers provide the bare minimum nutrients required for plant growth. This process produces nutrient deficient plants. Natures predators from Big Cats, to Insects target the weaker specimens of the species. We continue to see Healthy Plants  suffering far less damage from pests and illnesses. A healthy crop is far more resilient, producing healthy nutrient rich produce.

The Role of Micronutrients and Trace Elements in Crop Health and Disease Resistance

Bruce Tainio | Plant Nutrient Interactions | Acres USA 2007 conference:


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For Best Vineyard and Orchard results we recommend a Granular Broadcast direct to soil.

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