Baja Gold – Fine Sea Salt


All-Natural Organic Unrefined Kosher Sea Salt for the Table

Rich in minerals and trace Elements for an unparalleled taste.

Baja Gold Sea Salt is created in a pristine estuary located on the Sea of Cortez in Baja California. It is produced by Baja natives using proven salt-making traditions inherited over many generations guaranteeing its superior quality. 

The process begins as new sea water is moved by the tides into our estuary where the extreme solar heat and dry desert winds of the Baja start the dehydration process. Water quickly evaporates resulting in a highly concentrated seawater solution. Once the seawater reaches a precise level of concentration, it is moved into evaporation or crystallization ponds where the intense Baja heat evaporates the remaining water and Baja Gold is formed. Sea Salt created by the solar evaporation of sea water is listed on NOP (National Organic Products) USDA list.

Water from the Sea of Cortez contains 90 minerals and trace elements and more than 50,000 natural organic compounds. Special salt-making techniques are used to ensure that every mineral and trace element present in the seawater is found in Baja Gold Sea Salt. Minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium, and trace elements such as selenium, zinc, yttrium and gold give Baja Gold its unique and tasty flavor.

Health professionals understand that natural Baja Gold Sea Salt contains minerals and trace elements essential to human health but to be depleted from modern diets.

Chefs and culinary artists find that Baja Gold adds new taste dimensions to their creations with its flavor and soft texture.

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Natures Perfect Sea Salt for Delicious Flavour. 500g

Table Salt Replacement

Created Seasonally from Mineral and Trace Element Rich Sea of Cortez. Naturally Delicious – Taste the Difference


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